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The Spacesaver Cup Holder

The Spacesaver Cup Holder is perfect for outdoor gatherings like picnics and camping. Made of durable PP plastic, they fit various drink sizes and smaller items such as keys and your cellphone, for the beach. With its flat bottom design, it can easily be used on sand, grass, and many other surfaces. Stackable for easy storage and available in many vibrant colors.

Product Code: GIFT23911

Product Tags: Picnic & Outdoor NEW

Product Size: 15(W) x 8(L) x 9(D)cm

Box weight: 7.2 kg

Box Size: 85(W) x 34.5(L) x 33(D)cm

Qty per box: 100

Material: PP

Available Colours:

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No replacements or refunds on items that have been tampered with, branded/non branded.
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